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Position: President
Place of birth: McBride, BC

Leanne has been a casual member of the ASANBC for several years. This is her final year of an Anthropology BA – Honours degree at UNBC. She has an interest in Medical Anthropology and looks forward to completing a MA in this field in the future. When Leanne is not in class, reading for class or at work, Leanne enjoys gathering quirky facts, activities with her friends, and spending time with her children.

Position: Vice-President
Place of birth: Calgary, AB

Derek has been a part of the ASANBC since his first year in university. Derek is currently doing his third year in Anthropology specializing his interests to the archaeology of BC, as well as physical anthropology. Derek just recently completed UNBC’s 2007 fieldschool in Beverly and is excited to go work out in the field next summer. When not in class you’ll find him on the rugby field, behind a drum set, drawing or painting or setting foot on an adventure across a lake, up a mountain or through a forest.”

Position: Social Fun
Place of birth: Victoria, BC

Sarah has been an on-again, off-again member of ASANBC since 2005. She is in her final semester of a BA Honours in Anthropology and plans to pursue her interests in medical anthropology and population health at grad school. Sarah enjoys cooking and eating good food with her friends, berry-picking on her family farm in Victoria, board games, theatre, soccer and traveling – she is recently returned from an academic exchange in northern Sweden.

Position: Career Opportunities Exec.
Place of birth: Vancouver, BC

Caitlin joined the Anthropology Club (as it was known back then) in her second year, around the same time she switched from Chemistry to Anthropology, and she's much happier for it! Caitlin's in her third year at UNBC, and plans on being finished at the end of next school year. Her interests are language and communication, which is why she'll be attending UVic in her fifth year for the linguistics program they offer. From there she plans on using her new skills to teach for awhile, and then do some of that good old 'retreating from the world to go check out someone else's world' we anthropologists are so known for... maybe Korea or Thailand, who knows?

Position: Social Action
Place of birth: Vancouver, BC

Ashley has been a casual member of the ASAUNBC for two years. She is in her third year of an Anthropology BA at UNBC and is interested in both physical and socio-cultural anthropology, and can’t decide which one she likes more. After she graduates from UNBC she is hoping to apply what she has learned from Anthropology to a career in Music Therapy. In the little spare time Ashley has, she enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to and playing music, and getting outdoors.


Position: Social Action
Place of birth: Comox BC

Jocelyn joined the anthropology club about two years ago. She is in her 5th, and final year of
her anthropology degree. She is interested in various aspects surrounding anthropology. This summer she participated in the UNBC archaeology field school in Beaverly. Besides school, Jocelyn enjoys playing hockey, travelling and socializing with her friends. After she graduates in May, Jocelyn hopes to get a job within the discipline and eventually travel to the places she’s learnt so much about.

Position: Web/Print Media
Place of birth: Buxtehude, Germany

Alex has just recently joined ASANBC. He is in his second year of an Anthropology BA at UNBC. His interests are in ethnographic research of the Circumpolar Arctic with a focus on the territories of the Russian Federation. Some of his interests include hiking, interior design, languages, and homeless children. Alex is happily married and has a baby son.

Position: Academic Information Executive & Newsletter Editor
Place of birth: Regina, SK

Stacey has been a casual member of ASANBC since 2005. She is currently in her first year of the Interdisciplinary Studies MA Program, combining Anthropology and Geography. Under the direction of Dr. Angèle Smith, Stacey’s research focuses on Nigerian women’s ability to access culturally appropriate mental health services while seeking asylum in Ireland. This year in the spring/summer session she will be travelling to Ireland, to join Dr. Smith in ethnographic fieldwork. Apart from academia, Stacey enjoys going to the local theatre, being outdoors, renovating her house and spending time with family, friends and her big cuddly dog, Koda. Stacey has a particular soft spot for animals and is a foster parent for the local SPCA, so don’t be surprised if she tries to entice you to adopt a furry friend every now and then.



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